CD-integrated project research

For this final project, I’ve searched for a lot of data.  At first, I am looking for buildings and location, and then search the present and history of architecture, The output and modification of some works, finally to the final project design.  I’m going to write research in four parts below.


First of all, just start conceiving, looking for buildings and places.  I searched for historic buildings in New Zealand on Google, and ruled them out according to the site requirements.  Then drove to the War Memorial Museum, aviation museum, Alberton Heritage, Ferndale House, Western Springs, Auckland Zoo, Museum of Transport and Technology and MOTAT.  Although I went to a lot of buildings, there was no one I liked, but I didn’t find a better building in the optional area.  Finally, I chose the building 1 of the Rome architecture. For me personally, I liked the brick wall, so building 1 was my ultimate subject.

Second, Unitec Building 1 has a very long history, because the information is too much, I will briefly introduce. Building 1 was the largest psychiatric hospital in Auckland before the fire was rebuilt as Unitec building 1. Now, as the main building for architectural design major.

Third, with all the previous bedding, to the final determination of the goal of the time. I’ve been thinking about what kind of work I should do, Model?Posters? Photos?  After some research, I finally decided to make posters, because I took a lot of photos before the building, there are some pictures of texture, I want to use these pictures to design some posters.  What is the poster?  They are through the layout of the composition, in the first time to attract people’s attention.  According to building some 1 of the details, I made some posters, after presentation, I found a very serious problem, I did not contact the poster, they simply posters, posters like no meaning.

Finally, according to a period of adjustment and Emma’s advice, I began my final work on the final exhibition of the school. I started looking for a lot of information.  I chatted with staff at the Unitec website about the exhibition, then I found some information on the website, and finally I went to ask my friend who studies architecture and interior architecture. I sort out the collected information, and also find design cases on pinterest and some websites for research and learning. I also learned a little bit about the layout and structure of the posters and covers. After all the information and the research collection, I started my design.



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